Are verbal real estate agreements enforceable?

Are verbal real estate agreements enforceable?

A: Unfortunately, verbal agreements are not acceptible or legal in real estate transactions. All real estate transactions must be in writing. Only offers made in writing and signed and accepted by both sellers and buyers are legal.

Is a verbal custody agreement binding?

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Oral agreements are only as binding as the parties are trustworthy. Parents always have the right to override the court order by agreement; but unless that agreement is in writing, you can not enforce it.

Does child support count as alimony?

Child support is never deductible and isn't considered income. Additionally, if a divorce or separation instrument provides for alimony and child support, and the payer spouse pays less than the total required, the payments apply to child support first. Only the remaining amount is considered alimony.

How strong is a verbal contract?

If you have entered into a verbal agreement and is hasn't been put in writing in any form, it's still enforceable. A verbal agreement is just as legally enforceable as a written one. However, you will strike problems in proving the terms of the agreement. So, it will come down to a matter of evidence.