Can I file Chapter 13 if I already filed Chapter 7?

Can I file Chapter 13 if I already filed Chapter 7?

You can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy four years after a Chapter 7 case. The filing date of your previous Chapter 7 bankruptcy must be at least four years prior to the filing date of your new Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. You will learn more about the 2-4-6-8 rule below that helps guides filing time frames.

How soon can you file Chapter 7 after Chapter 13 dismissal?

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six yearsIf the court granted your first discharge under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you'd need to wait six years (from the Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing date) before filing for a Chapter 7 discharge.

What happens if I voluntarily dismiss my Chapter 13?

That's because most likely you have debts which you would continue to owe. Chapter 13 does not result in a “discharge”—legal write-off—of your debts until its successful completion. So if you dismiss before then you will continue to owe those debts.

Can you get out of Chapter 13 early?

You might be able to get out of Chapter 13 bankruptcy early if you can pay off your debt or you prove a financial hardship. When you enter into a Chapter 13 case, you agree to pay all of your disposable income for either 36 or 60 months. Because of this arrangement, it isn't easy to get out early.