Can I file for divorce in Nevada if I live in California?

Can I file for divorce in Nevada if I live in California?

Can I file for my divorce in the State of Nevada? In almost all cases, you file for a divorce in the state where you reside. This means that if you are a resident of Nevada, you file in Nevada and are governed by Nevada's divorce laws even if you were married, for example, in California.

Can you get a divorce in California if you were married in another state?

A California Divorce is Binding Regardless of What State Granted the Marriage. Marriages and divorces are primarily regulated by state law, but our system of government recognizes that couples can and do end up going to different states throughout the course of their marriage.

Is a Nevada marriage license valid in California?

You will have the choice of purchasing either a confidential marriage license or a public marriage license. Irrespective of the county of issuance or the type of license purchased, both documents allow for the wedding to be performed and legally consummated in any county within the State of California.

How do I get divorced if I get married in another state?

In theory, you and your spouse may divorce in either state in which one of you resides. The majority of states require that a spouse reside in the state before filing for divorce in that state. Proof of residency may be required, and some states require six months of residency, while others require a year.