Can the 60 day waiting period for divorce in Texas be waived?

Can the 60 day waiting period for divorce in Texas be waived?

That statutory cooling off period is 60 days. Technically speaking, it can be waived, but only under very limited circumstances. You would have to petition the court for a waiver of the 60 day waiting period. If the court grants it, then the court could grant your divorce earlier than 60 days from the date of filing.

Why do you have to wait 60 days for a divorce in Texas?

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The reason for this is because the state of Texas (through the Texas Family Code) mandates that you wait at least sixty days in order to make sure that a divorce is actually something that you want to do. If not, you have some time to cool off and make other plans.

How long do you have to respond to a divorce petition in Texas?

about 20 daysYou typically have only about 20 days after you get the paperwork to respond, so contact a Texas divorce lawyer as soon as you receive it.

Can you stop a divorce after filing in Texas?

Can I dismiss my case? You may dismiss or “nonsuit” a case you filed at any time before you have introduced all your evidence by filing a Notice of Nonsuit with the court. See Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 162.