Can you get a divorce in Ohio if you are pregnant?

Can you get a divorce in Ohio if you are pregnant?

Can you get a divorce in Ohio while pregnant (or a dissolution, annulment or legal separation)? There is no law against it, but local judges may be reluctant to grant a divorce when the wife is pregnant.

Can a woman get a divorce while pregnant?

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Although the courts cannot prevent you from divorcing simply because a spouse is pregnant, you may encounter some legal issues as you begin the dissolution process.

What happens when a married woman gets pregnant by another man?

The husband by law, is presumed to be the biological father of the child. It complicates the divorce. Some courts even go one step further and order that the mother file a paternity action and have the real father adjudicated before the divorce can be completed. What about the person who impregnated the wife?

Can I file for divorce in the state I was married?

An individual may only file for divorce in a state where they reside. Nearly all states require that a person reside in the state for a period of time, six months or a year, before filing for divorce in the state. A complaint or petition is the document that is filed with the court, beginning the divorce process.