Can you get a legal separation in New Jersey?

Can you get a legal separation in New Jersey?

New Jersey does not have legislation sanctioning a "legal separation" for a married couple wishing to separate but not file for divorce. However, there are two procedures which may aid in dealing with the parties' issues, short of filing for divorce. One proceeding is to file a Complaint for Separate Maintenance.

Can you legally separate and live together UK?

A legal separation allows you to live apart, without divorcing or ending a civil partnership. You can ask for a legal separation for the same reasons you could file for a divorce or end a civil partnership. However, you do not need to show that the marriage or civil partnership has broken down irretrievably.

Can you get divorced in a state you don’t live in?

An individual may only file for divorce in a state where they reside. Nearly all states require that a person reside in the state for a period of time, six months or a year, before filing for divorce in the state. A complaint or petition is the document that is filed with the court, beginning the divorce process.