Do both parties have to be present for a marriage license?

Do both parties have to be present for a marriage license?

California Marriage License Requirements You do not need to be a California resident to marry in California. Marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date of issuance. Both parties must appear in person and bring valid picture identification. A marriage license can be issued on the same day.

Do both parties need to be present to get a marriage license in Ontario?

Forms are available in our office. Your parents or legal guardians must also be present at the time you submit your marriage licence application. Everyone is welcome to apply for a marriage licence and get married in Ontario, whether you live here permanently or temporarily.

What happens if you don’t file your marriage license?

For example, California law requires the officiant to return the marriage license to the county clerk or recorder within 10 days of the ceremony. The accidental failure to record your marriage license is a technical defect, which won't invalidate your marriage.

Should I get a confidential marriage license?

If you and your future wife or husband have performed acts in the capacity of a married couple such as living together as spouses, you may apply for a confidential license. If not, you must purchase a public license.