Do both parties have to sign divorce papers in Virginia?

Do both parties have to sign divorce papers in Virginia?

A legal pleading is not quite the same thing. Your divorce cannot proceed until you inform the right Virginia court (usually, the one in the county or city of your legal residence) that you want a divorce. Your wife will be served divorce papers. She does not have to sign for them (a process server is not the UPS guy).

Do both spouses have to sign for a divorce?

Generally, the spouse who files for divorce is required to sign her own petition or complaint, although some states will allow her attorney to do it for her. In these states, if spouses agree to end the marriage, they can file a joint petition for divorce. They must both sign it.

Who gets the house in a divorce in Virginia?

Courts Only Divide Marital Property In a divorce, the distribution of property depends on which property belongs to the marriage—marital property—and which property belongs to each of the two spouses—separate property. Generally, marital property is property either spouse acquired or earned during the marriage. (Va.

What is considered abandonment in a marriage in VA?

Under Virginia law, when a spouse's behavior has been cruel or abusive in a way that forces the other spouse to move out of the home, a court may determine that the cruel spouse is the party guilty of constructive abandonment, even if that spouse stays in the residence.