Do I have to pay alimony if I retire?

Do I have to pay alimony if I retire?

Under California law, as a general rule, a former spouse who is paying alimony and who is also eligible for retirement does not have to keep working solely in order to meet his or her spousal support obligations. The case of In re.

Does permanent alimony end at retirement?

Alimony Won't Terminate Just Because the Payor Retires. Although the income of the party paying alimony will go down or end when he or she retires, that doesn't mean that court-ordered alimony will terminate.

Do you have to pay alimony after you retire in California?

One change of circumstances is retirement. California law, for at least 15 years or so, has indicated that if a person reaches what has been the typical retirement age of 65, it is not necessary to keep working just to pay spousal support.

When can I stop paying alimony in California?

In California, the obligation to pay alimony automatically ends when the supported spouse gets remarried. Even if the paying spouse voluntarily continues to pay alimony after the other spouse gets remarried, there is no legal obligation to continue paying alimony.