Does it matter what state you get your marriage license in?

Does it matter what state you get your marriage license in?

Most states require you to apply for your marriage license at the town or county clerk's office where the ceremony will be taking place. Your state of choice may not have any waiting period, in which case you can apply for your out of state marriage license and get married in the same day!

Are marriage licenses by state or county?

In California, the County Clerk's office issues all marriage licenses. The office requires that both parties not be married to each other, or to other people prior to receiving the license. The fee of the license varies by county.

Do states share Marriage Records?

In many states a marriage license is already public record. So is a divorce. And since a marriage is a legal contract and a divorce is a legal settlement, in the states where these are not public record, they should be. The point of a marriage database is to make the public records searchable.

Can you have a marriage license in two states?

You can marry the same person in every state and every country. You just can't be married to two or more different people at the same time.