Does marriage revoke a will in Australia?

Does marriage revoke a will in Australia?

Wills and succession legislation in the Australian States and Territories contain provisions which revoke any existing will of a person when they marry. It makes no difference what a person may have written in their will. This general legal rule cancels any prior will upon the will maker's marriage.

Can I make a will without my husband knowing?

So, technically you can disinherit anyone under your Will. However, that is not the end of the story. Even if you choose to exclude your spouse, they may still be able to challenge the terms of your Will after your death.

Will written before marriage UK?

Under marriage laws in England and Wales, any pre-existing Will is revoked when you enter into a legally binding marriage contract. This means that if you die without making a new Will after you get married, the law will decide who should inherit from you, under inheritance laws called the Rules of Intestacy.

What happens to a will when you remarry?

If you remarry but don't draw up a new Will to reflect your new marriage, your existing Will is revoked, meaning you do not have a valid Will and your estate will be dealt with under intestacy rules. If you do not have surviving children, grandchildren or great grandchildren your spouse will receive the entire estate.