How can I get free advice from a lawyer?

How can I get free advice from a lawyer?

Some solicitors give 30 minutes' legal advice for free. Some offer a fixed fee – that way you'll know in advance what the advice will cost. You can call a solicitor's office and ask if they offer a free half hour or a fixed fee. A free or fixed-fee appointment can help you find out your rights and legal position.

How can I get free legal advice in Australia?

You can get free legal advice over the phone or face-to-face. If you need an interpreter you can call Translating and Interpreting Services TIS on 131 450. Visit here for more information on Legal Aid Commissions in your state or territory.

Can I talk to an attorney for free?

When you call 1-800-ATTORNEY (1-800-288-6763), you'll be connected with an attorney in your area who's familiar with the laws in your state, who's willing to listen to your concerns, and who can explain the options available to you moving forward.

Is legal aid free in Victoria?

Our lawyers give free legal advice on a range of matters to people who need it most. The duty lawyer service is free but we cannot help everyone, so it is best to call us before going to court. You may also be entitled to get a lawyer to run your case through a grant of legal assistance.