How do I divorce an inmate in Texas?

How do I divorce an inmate in Texas?

In Texas, divorcing from an incarcerated spouse follows much the same process as a conventional divorce. To file for a divorce when one of the spouses is incarcerated, at least one of the spouses must live in Texas for at least six months. Once this requirement is met, you need to choose a grounds for your divorce.

How can I divorce an inmate for free?

The prison library usually has all the forms you will need to file for divorce while incarcerated. Free help should also be available; ask your librarian for the resources you will need. Be sure to ask for a filing fee waiver or indigent affidavit form, as the fee will likely be waived due to your incarceration.

Can an inmate contest a divorce?

During contested divorce proceedings, a judge or jury will determine the outcome of disputed issues. An imprisoned spouse may request and receive permission to attend divorce hearings. An inmate also may retain the services of an attorney for representation during a divorce.