How do I file bigamy fees?

How do I file bigamy fees?

The person aggrieved can file a case of bigamy either in court or at the policestation. The father of an aggrieved wife can also make a complaint under section 494/495 of the Indian Penal Code. A petition for declaring the second marriage as void can be filed by the parties of second marriage and not the first spouse.

What do you do if you suspect bigamy?

If you suspect a person of committing bigamy then contact your local police via their 101 telephone number.

How is bigamy detected?

Proof of Bigamy The evidence usually exists in phone calls, emails, text, chat messages and personal interactions. If the spouse leaves for a work conference and is gone for days or weeks at a time, this could increase the strength of proof that he or she has already married another person.

What is the penalty for bigamy in Australia?

five years imprisonmentIt is a criminal offence to marry a person whilst already married. The maximum penalty for bigamy is five years imprisonment.