How do I file my own legal separation?

How do I file my own legal separation?

To get a legal separation you must file a petition in your Superior or Family Division Court. It is a distinct legal product rather than being a first step to getting a divorce. In fact, legal separation takes as long as a divorce (average time, 8-10 months), and costs just as much.

Do I need an attorney to file for separation?

“Separation” simply means living apart. You do not need to file court papers to separate. The law does not require you to live with your spouse. A mediator or lawyer can help you and your spouse reach an agreement.

How much does it cost to file legal separation in the Philippines?

Numerous couples in my time in the Philippines have filed for legal separation – the cost to do so can vary heavily but a recent friend of mine said his final cost for doing so was 65,000 peso (or about $1,500 dollars).

Why do people file for legal separation?

People choose legal separation instead of divorce because of religious beliefs, a desire to keep the family together legally for the sake of children, the need for one spouse to keep the health insurance benefits that would be lost with a divorce, or simple aversion to divorcing despite the desire to live separate