How do I get a marriage certificate after getting married in Trinidad?

How do I get a marriage certificate after getting married in Trinidad?

You can request for copies of a marriage certificate in person at the District Registrar's office. Make sure that you bring a valid identification in case the registry officer will need to verify your identity and your right obtain the certificate.

How do you get legally married in Trinidad?

Couples wanting to get married must first give Notice of Marriage in person at a Civil Registry office. This includes religious marriages. Foreign visitors and others subject to Immigration Control must contact the Registrar General at (868) 624-1660 prior to the marriage ceremony for authorization.

Are you married once you get your marriage license?

A marriage license is a government document that you'll need to get approved before you get married. Remember, a marriage license means you are allowed to get married, not that you are married. During your wedding ceremony, you, your soon-to-be- spouse, officiant, and 1-2 witnesses will sign the license.

What happens if you get married while married?

Bigamy occurs when a person is married to two different people at the same time as part of two different marriage contracts. If a person is married, it is a requirement for him or her to have the marriage dissolved through death, annulment or divorce before he or she can legally enter into a new marriage.