How do you file a complaint against a guardian ad litem?

How do you file a complaint against a guardian ad litem?

If your GAL is a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), you can file a complaint with the CASA program. You should file a complaint about a Family Court Services worker with the court. You can make a complaint to the County Ombudsman or to the manager of Family Court Services, or the Family Law Department.

What should you not say to guardian ad litem?

Remember- the Guardian ad litem is not your lawyer/therapist/social worker/friend – so don't use your time to “vent” or talk about all the things you don't like about your child's other parent. 2. BE HONEST and LET HER DO HER JOB: The Guardian ad litem doesn't know anything about you or your child.

Can I sue the guardian ad litem?

A guardian ad litem is a lawyer who is appointed to represent the interests of a minor child in a divorce case. Often a divorce litigant comes to believe that the guardian ad litem is the cause of their problems. No matter how upset you may be, you cannot sue the guardian ad litem for legal malpractice.

Does judge go against guardian ad litem?

Guardians ad litem are attorneys, too, but they're trained to deal with kids. The judge doesn't always agree with the GAL, but the judge always recognizes the importance of the guardian ad litem in the proceedings. The GAL has a chance to give a report, question witnesses, and discuss his or her findings in court.