How do you turn someone in for bigamy?

How do you turn someone in for bigamy?

If you have a proof that it's happening. Report it to the local police. Also speak to the person involved if you can before it happens. Call an attorney but file for an annulment immediately because if the other spouse is able to get their other marriage dissolved before you file, that makes your marriage valid.

What do you do if you suspect bigamy?

If you suspect a person of committing bigamy then contact your local police via their 101 telephone number.

Who can sue for bigamy?

The Supreme Court has ruled that a woman with whom second marriage is performed is also entitled to drag the man to court under section 494 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) which makes bigamy a criminal offence, punishable with a jail term of maximum seven years.

How is bigamy detected?

Proof of Bigamy The evidence usually exists in phone calls, emails, text, chat messages and personal interactions. If the spouse leaves for a work conference and is gone for days or weeks at a time, this could increase the strength of proof that he or she has already married another person.