How is Dayanara Torres doing now?

How is Dayanara Torres doing now?

Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres has spent the better part of a year being treated for stage 3 melanoma. The model and actress shared Tuesday that her treatment, which involved immunotherapy and radiation, was finally coming to an end.

How much is Dayanara Torres worth?

Dayanara Torres net worth: Dayanara Torres is a Puerto Rican actress, model, and singer who has a net worth of $5 million. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on October 28, 1974, Torres is well known for being the former Miss Universe.

Who is Dayanara Torres husband?

Marc Anthonym. 2000–2004Dayanara Torres/HusbandTorres married singer Marc Anthony on May 9, 2000 in Las Vegas. They have two sons, Cristian Anthony Muñiz (5 February 2001) and Ryan Anthony Muñiz (16 August 2003).

How old is Dayanara Torres?

45 years (28 October 1974)Dayanara Torres/Age