How many same sex marriages are in Canada?

How many same sex marriages are in Canada?

72,880 sameAccording to the 2016 Census, there were 72,880 same‑sex couples in Canada in 2016, representing 0.9% of all couples. From 2006 to 2016, the number of same‑sex couples increased much more rapidly (+60.7%) than the number of opposite‑sex couples (+9.6%).

What is same sex marriage law?

The bill, HB 6595, would grant same-sex couples “[a]ll benefits and protections as are granted to spouses in a marriage,” including the ability to jointly adopt, inherit property, obtain tax benefits, and share insurance, health, and pension benefits.

Is same sex marriage legal in Ontario?

Same-sex marriage in Ontario has been legal since June 10, 2003. The first legal same-sex marriages performed in Ontario were of Kevin Bourassa to Joe Varnell, and Elaine Vautour to Anne Vautour, by Rev.