How much does a courtroom wedding cost?

How much does a courtroom wedding cost?

2) Budget Friendly – This is usually reason number 1 for a courthouse wedding ceremony. The average cost of a traditional wedding in the U.S. is close to $30,000. Yikes! A courthouse wedding begins at an average of $25 to $75 depending on your state.

Should I just get married at the courthouse?

The Budget Friendly Wedding If you have a specific budget in mind, a courthouse wedding should be on your list. Courthouse ceremonies will provide you with a cost-efficient venue where the fee can be as little as $25, and you can still bring in all the extras that will make the day feel special.

What is it like getting married at the courthouse?

The big difference is that very few of the traditional expectations — like a lengthy ceremony and large guest list — apply. Courthouse weddings offer couples a good opportunity to simplify the wedding planning process by keeping the ceremony personal, yet intimate.

How long does it take to have a courthouse wedding?

Not to mention the courthouse ceremony itself usually takes less than 10 minutes. Years ago, eloping may have been considered taboo or associated with an unexpected pregnancy, but today many people are opting for it.