How much does each prisoner cost a year?

How much does each prisoner cost a year?

According to the Vera Institute of Justice, incarceration costs an average of more than $31,000 per inmate, per year, nationwide. In some states, it's as much as $60,000. Taxpayers foot the bill for feeding, housing and securing people in state and federal penitentiaries.

How much does a prisoner cost per year Australia?

According to the Productivity Commission, the annual cost of prisons in Australia reached over $4.6 billion in 2017-18, equating to $302 per prisoner per day.

Do inmates have to pay for incarceration?

Pay-to-stay (imprisonment) In the United States, pay-to-stay is the practice of charging prisoners for their accommodation in jails. In 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio published a comprehensive study of the pay-to-stay policy throughout the state of Ohio, the first detailed study of its kind.