How much is Joni Mitchell worth?

How much is Joni Mitchell worth?

The Canadian singer-songwriter has an estimated net worth of $245 million. She owes her fortune to smart stock investments, substantial property holdings, lucrative endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics.

Who did Joni Mitchell live with?

Mitchell's list of lovers boggles not because of its quantity but its quality: Leonard Cohen, David Crosby, Graham Nash, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, John Guerin, Sam Shepard, Jaco Pastorius, Don Alias and Larry Klein, among others.

Who was Joni Mitchell’s first husband?

Chuck MitchellHer first husband, Chuck Mitchell, was guilty of “academic stupidity.” Singing “Helpless” with Neil Young and Robbie Robertson at “The Last Waltz,” she recalls they were “so high, and they were so out of tune.”

How old is Joni Mitchell now?

76 years (7 November 1943)Joni Mitchell/Age