Is it OK to date a guy 6 years younger?

Is it OK to date a guy 6 years younger?

If your partner behaves in a matured way, it's okay to marry someone even 10 years younger. Yes as long as he's an adult :). If you're asking should you thats a different question. If he's 18 then I would say too young (most of time) and has not had enough life experience to make a lifetime commitment to one person.

What if the girl is older than the boy?

The relationship depends on each other's feelings or emotions not on the age. If any girl is older than the boy, then of course it does not matter at all. The girl want that you should love her a lot than focusing on any thing other.

Does marrying your first cousin cause birth defects?

They say there is no biological reason to discourage cousins from marrying. First cousins are somewhat more likely than unrelated parents to have a child with a serious birth defect, mental retardation or genetic disease, but their increased risk is nowhere near as large as most people think, the scientists said.

What is the right age for a boy to marry?

Marriageable age as a right vs exceptions In the majority of countries, 18 is the marriageable age as of right. However, most of these countries allow those younger than that age to marry, usually with parental consent or judicial authorization. These exceptions vary considerably by country.