Is Leeland Mooring married?

Is Leeland Mooring married?

Amanda Louise Mooringm. 2008Leeland Dayton Mooring/SpouseLeeland became a Christian at the age of five. He is married to Amanda Louise Mooring. He has two siblings; older brother Jack Mooring and younger sister Shelly Roberts. Jack Mooring is married to Michael W.

Is Leeland still with Bethel?

Baytown, Texas, U.S. Leeland is a Christian rock band from Baytown, Texas. The band was formed in 2004, although lead singer Leeland Mooring had been writing songs beforehand. After a five-year hiatus, Leeland released their fifth studio album in July 2016, Invisible, via the Bethel Music label.

How old is Leeland Mooring?

32 years (16 June 1988)Leeland Dayton Mooring/Age

Did Leeland Write Way maker?

"Way Maker" is a contemporary worship song written by Nigerian gospel singer Sinach and released as a single on 30 December 2015. Smith, Mandisa, Leeland, Christafari, Passion Worship Band, and Bethel Music.