Is Massachusetts an equitable distribution state?

Is Massachusetts an equitable distribution state?

Massachusetts is an equitable division state. It means that at the time of divorce, judges look to see how to split property equitably. They then decide to divorce. In that situation, it would be fair and reasonable to split their assets 50/50.

Is inheritance community property in Massachusetts?

First, inherited property is technically included in the “marital pot” to be considered for division. That's because in MA, all property of either party, whether owned jointly or individually is considered for division. However, what actually happens to inherited property upon divorce depends on a number of factors.

Is Massachusetts a common law state?

Massachusetts does not recognize common law marriage unless it involves a couple who were considered married by another state. In other words, the only way to obtain a common law marriage in Massachusetts is by obtaining one in another state.

Who gets the house in a divorce Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Courts Divide Property Equitably – not Necessarily Equally. In Massachusetts, courts may divide “marital” property equitably (fairly) between the spouses upon divorce. Marital property includes any income, assets, and property acquired by either spouse during the marriage.