Is meatloaf still married?

Is meatloaf still married?

He married Leslie Aday on February 23, 1979 and, after their divorce in 2001, he married Deborah Gillespie in 2007. He has two daughters named Pearl and Amanda.

Who is meatloaf married to now?

Meat Loaf/Spouse

Did Meatloaf sing with his wife?

It was at the Lampoon show that Meat Loaf met Ellen Foley, the co-star who sang "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and "Bat Out of Hell" with him on the album Bat Out of Hell.

Did the singer Meatloaf pass away?

Famed singer songwriter Meat Loaf has collapsed on stage, while performing in Edmonton, Canada. Meat Loaf is not dead. The Grammy winner's on stage collapse at a concert in Canada led one New York tabloid to post his premature demise in a headline which screamed, "Rock Legend dies after gig".