Is there a statute of limitations on establishing paternity?

Is there a statute of limitations on establishing paternity?

There is no statute of limitations to bring a suit to determine paternity, meaning the suit can be brought even after the child is an adult. On Motion of the mother, father, child, or entity bringing suit for paternity, the court can order that the child and “father” submit to genetic testing.

Can you be on child support without knowing?

Locate Your Child's Other Parent This step is important, because a court cannot order support payments without this information. If you do not know this information, you may be entitled to free assistance locating the other parent, through your state child support services agency.

How far back can you get back child support?

This is because California has a three-year statute of limitations on retroactive child support orders. Thus, if you are a parent seeking retroactive child support, you should immediately file your petition with the court.

Can you be forced to pay back child support on a kid you didn’t know about?

Laws will vary from state-to-state, but generally yes. You will have to pay retroactive child support. Because the child support case involved multiple lawyers filing multiple things, the case went on for some years even though paternity had been established early on.