Should a divorcing couple use the same attorney?

Should a divorcing couple use the same attorney?

Representing both of you at the same time would be considered a conflict of interest for an attorney. While there is no situation where one divorce lawyer could represent both you and your spouse, a single attorney can help you finalize your divorce.

Can you share an attorney in a divorce?

Even if you and your spouse agree on everything in your divorce, you're still technically considered opposing parties in a lawsuit. Because of your competing interests, an attorney can't ethically represent you both in a divorce, no matter how agreeable the terms are to each side.

Can both parties use the same solicitor in a divorce?

The short answer is that one solicitor representing two clients is not possible. Just because each party has a different solicitor doesn't mean that you will end up in court. Two solicitors need not mean an acrimonious divorce. You simply have to choose the right solicitor for you.

Can one lawyer represent both parties in a divorce in Texas?

Most often in an attempt to save money on divorce proceedings, spouses in an amicable divorce want one lawyer to represent both parties. Simply put, any lawyer that agrees to this is acting against the ethical rules that govern lawyers' conduct in Texas. So, it is not possible for one lawyer to represent both spouses.

Does infidelity affect divorce in Arizona?

The vast majority of divorces in Arizona are "no-fault," which means that it's not necessary to prove marital misconduct (like adultery), or that an innocent spouse was harmed. The courts won't even consider evidence of wrongdoing. They will simply grant a divorce and end the marriage.