What do you call your sister in law after divorce?

What do you call your sister in law after divorce?

They become your “former” in laws. However some people are close to their former spouses relatives and/or parents and still consider those people their relatives as well based on the previous relationship. I'm very close to my husband's sister and if we were to divorce, I would still call her my sister-in- law.

Is an ex wife still considered family?

Even after the legal dissolution and remarriage, ex-spouses who have children together will always be those children's parents. Parenting decisions have to be made, schools and extracurriculars have to be chosen, homework has to be monitored and transferred between houses.

Is it normal to miss your spouse after divorce?

After the divorce, you may find you have mixed emotions about your ex-spouse. While you may know that the divorce was for the best, you may find that some days you hate your ex-spouse, and, surprisingly, other days you miss him or her. It is perfectly normal, and most divorced people report these mixed emotions.