What does a contested case hearing mean?

What does a contested case hearing mean?

February 2014) Contested case hearing is the name for quasi-judicial administrative hearings governed by state law. State agencies that make decisions that could affect people's “rights, duties, and privileges” must have a process for holding contested case hearings.

What is contested case?

Contested case means any proceeding in which the legal rights, duties or privileges of a party are required by law to be determined by the State Board of Education after an opportunity for hearing.

What is a contested plea?

in criminal law, a defendant's plea in court that he/she will not contest the charge of a particular crime, also called nolo contendere. It is standard practice for the judge to ask either the attorneys or the defendant, "Is there a factual basis for the plea?" before accepting it and finding the defendant guilty.

What happens after a contest mention?

The contest mention hearing gives the Court the opportunity to ask the parties about whether the case can be resolved without the need for a summary contested hearing. If the accused at this stage: maintains a not guilty plea, the Court will adjourn the matter to a summary contested hearing date.