What does it take to get a marriage annulled?

What does it take to get a marriage annulled?

Grounds for annulment Some people may seek an annulment if there are religious reasons why they cannot or do not want to apply for divorce. However, you must show that the marriage was either not valid (void) or defective (voidable) for one of the reasons below.

How long can you wait to get a marriage annulled?

four yearsYou must file your request for annulment with the courts in your county before the statute of limitations for an annulment runs out. In California, the time limit differs depending on the situation. If you base your annulment on physical incapacity, age, or force, you have four years to file.

Can a marriage be annulled within a year?

When can you annul a marriage? Annulment is a way of ending a marriage, like divorce. Unlike divorce, you can get a marriage annulled at any time after the wedding (in a divorce, you have to wait at least a year). You may want an annulment if you have religious reasons for not wanting a divorce.

Can an annulment be denied?

However, sometimes annulments are denied, leaving you with little in the way of options. If your annulment is denied, you will have to go through the divorce process if you no longer want your marriage to be void. There are many reasons why your annulment may be denied.