What happened to Jan and Paul Crouch?

What happened to Jan and Paul Crouch?

Jan and Paul Crouch have died since the lawsuit was filed in 2012, but they disputed their granddaughter's allegations, which were among a cluster of legal actions that have drawn negative publicity to the Costa Mesa-based televangelism empire. β€œIt's a shame Jan Crouch is not here to defend herself,” King said.

Why did Paul Crouch Jr leave TBN?

Crouch was forced from his role at TBN, and quit being on the board in October 2011. His departure came on the heels of a lawsuit brought against his parents by his daughter, Brittany Crouch Koper.

Is Jan Crouch still living?

Deceased (1939–2016)Jan Crouch/Living or Deceased

How much is Paul and Jan Crouch worth?

Jan Crouch net worth: Jan Crouch is an American religious broadcaster and television executive who has a net worth of $50 million dollars. Jan Crouch was born in New Brockton, Alabama, and grew up in Columbia, Georgia.