What happens at an uncontested divorce hearing?

What happens at an uncontested divorce hearing?

An uncontested divorce hearing typically takes about 20 minutes. The judge will sign a written divorce decree, also called a divorce order or "Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment of Absolute Divorce." Some judges will give you a copy of the signed divorce order before you leave.

Does an uncontested divorce go before a judge?

Marital settlement agreements can be entered into at any time before the final judgment. If the divorce is uncontested and a marital settlement agreement is filed, the spouses may not need to go to court. In that case, all legal documents can be filed with the court, and the judgment can be sent to you.

Do you need an attorney for an uncontested divorce?

Even if you are considering an uncontested divorce with your spouse, you still should hire a lawyer to represent your interests while negotiating during the divorce proceedings and for other issues that may arise during the divorce.

Can I go to the courthouse and file for divorce?

Can you just go to the courthouse to file for divorce? Yes, you file the forms needed for your jurisdiction with the court clerk's office. This places the forms on file with the court, and you'll need to follow the clerk's instructions as to amount and type of forms.