What happens if you get sued for alienation of affection?

What happens if you get sued for alienation of affection?

Alienation of affection allows a spouse to sue a third-party for alienating the affection of the other spouse. Alienation of affection and criminal conversation are civil tort claims that can entitle an aggrieved spouse to recover monetary damages from the third-party.

What states can you sue a homewrecker?

Have you ever wanted to sue someone you believe broke up your marriage — a "homewrecker?" Well, in six states — Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Utah — you can. In those six states, the "Alienation of Affection" claim is an option.

Can you sue the other woman for alienation of affection?

Yup, it's totally legal in seven states. According to Family Law Trial Attorney Jessica Culver, if a third party has “inserted themselves” into your marriage in any way and destroyed the love and affection of your marriage, you can sue! “Alienation of Affection” is a tort or wrongful act dating back to old English law.

What is considered marital misconduct in Missouri?

But, typical acts of misconduct which may impact the division of assets include the willful dissipation of marital assets by one party without the consent of the other party; physical and/or emotional abuse by one party on to the other; or adultery.