What is a continuance in a divorce?

What is a continuance in a divorce?

When you ask the court to reschedule a previously-calendared hearing in your divorce, and a judge allows it, that's called a continuance.

How many times can you continue a case?

There is no limit on the number a times a case can be continued. There is an urban legend that each side gets three continuances, but that is just not the case. The real question is whether the prosecution has met their obligations under Rule 600, which is Pennsylvania's speedy trial rule.

Can a continuance be denied?

A judge may deny a continuance when: the new evidence is reasonably related to evidence the defendant already knows about. the defendant has enough time without the continuance to prepare for the new evidence. the defendant fails to promptly inform the court of the surprise evidence or witness.

Can I file a continuance without a lawyer?

A common claim for a continuance is the need of time to get a lawyer. If the case has been in litigation for some time or if a continuance has been granted before, the court may deny the request. If you have an appointment scheduled with an attorney, give the court the name of the attorney.