What is a marital settlement agreement in Florida?

What is a marital settlement agreement in Florida?

A marital settlement agreement is a contract between divorcing spouses agreeing to set terms of their divorce. They are also commonly referred to as MSAs, Florida Divorce Settlement Agreements or a Florida Property Settlement Agreements.

Is a marital settlement agreement necessary?

While it is not required, filing a marital settlement agreement does have advantages: Lays out all of the agreements in writing, limiting uncertainty. The spouses may not have to go to court. The judge might honor the written agreement if it's written correctly and covers all material aspects of the divorce.

Is a marital settlement agreement the same as a divorce decree?

In short, the difference between a marital settlement agreement vs. a divorce decree is that a settlement agreement is the set of circumstances that will apply to a divorced couple's lives after their divorce, whereas the divorce decree is the actual court order that legally ends the marriage.

Does a marital separation agreement have to be notarized?

A marital separation agreement does not have to be filed in court to be legally binding on the husband and wife. It is important to note that some states require the agreement to be notarized in order to be enforceable.