What is a marriage relationship?

What is a marriage relationship?

Not only do you feel happy and safe with your spouse, you are able to have those same feelings when alone. You motivate each other to live life to the fullest. To pursue your dreams and are able to work together toward common goals. You accept each other for who you are.

What is marital love?

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The husband and wife should have sex regularly and often, not only to meet one another's physical needs and avoid temptation, but they must also realize that their physical union in sex is the most distinctive and most defining act of marital love.

What is a relationship between husband and wife?

children, both sides should fulfill their responsibilities. To deal with the relationship between husband and wife on the ba- sis of a spirit of mutual respect, love, and common progress is indeed to manifest a new form of relationship between hus- band and wife.

What do I put for marital status in a relationship?

If they are unmarried, they are "Single". If they are legally Separated but not divorced, their status is "Separated". If they are divorced and living with a "domestic partner", their status is "Divorced".