What is considered harassment in PA?

What is considered harassment in PA?

–A person commits the crime of harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another, the person: (1) strikes, shoves, kicks or otherwise subjects the other person to physical contact, or attempts or threatens to do the same; (2) follows the other person in or about a public place or places; (3) engages in a

What is the punishment for harassment in PA?

If you are charged with Harassment as a Misdemeanor of the 3rd Degree, your case will be subject to the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure for court cases. The maximum penalty for Harassment charge as an M3 is 1 year incarceration and a $2500.00 fine. Again, do not be alarmed by the jail time.

How do I press harassment charges in PA?

How to file harassment charges in PA. The first step is to call your local police, and let them know you would like to file a report for harassment. You can provide them with any text messages, emails or other evidence you may have.

What type of charge is harassment?

Harassment charges can range from misdemeanor to high level felony charges. In many states, people charged with harassment will receive a higher level charge if they have previously been convicted of harassment, of communicating a threat, or of a domestic violence offense.