What is the fastest way to get a divorce in Maryland?

What is the fastest way to get a divorce in Maryland?

For now, the quickest route to obtain a divorce is an uncontested, no fault twelve month separation. In order to meet the requirements for this type of divorce, it is important to clearly establish the separation date. This will determine the twelve-month mark for when you can file a complaint for absolute divorce.

How much does an absolute divorce cost in Maryland?

Average total costs for Maryland divorce lawyers are $11,000-$13,500 but are usually much lower in cases with no contested issues. On average, Maryland divorce lawyers charge between $260 and $325 per hour.

How do I get an absolute divorce in Maryland?

A 12-month statutory “no fault” ground remains the most common way to receive an absolute divorce in Maryland, but if eligible, a party may be granted an absolute divorce on fault based grounds requiring no period of separation (including adultery, excessively vicious conduct, and cruelty of treatment) or on mutual

What is the divorce process in Maryland?

In Maryland, a divorce complaint must be filed with the Circuit Court for the county that has jurisdiction. The party filing the initial complaint will also have to pay a filing fee. The Complaint and the Summons, which will be generated by the court, will then have to be properly served on the opposing party.