What makes a spouse eligible for alimony?

What makes a spouse eligible for alimony?

There are several requirements in order to satisfy for payments to be considered spousal support: The payments that are being made must be in cash or checks. Alimony payments cannot be paid during the time both spouses live in the same residence. The payments must stop if one spouse marries or dies.

Is a spouse responsible for other spouse’s child support?

You are not obliged to pay your husband's child support, since the debt arose before you were married. On the other hand, courts often do take into account a current spouse's contribution to the household income, in order to see that the ordered child support payment is feasible and not an undue hardship.

Can a spouse turn down alimony?

Remarriage could be a basis for ending an alimony award, but alimony does not automatically end if you re-marry. Your ex-spouse would have to ask the court to terminate your alimony. If there is not a written agreement or a court order, your spouse can stop paying alimony at any time.

Is new wife responsible for husband’s alimony?

In California, the obligation to pay alimony automatically ends when the supported spouse gets remarried. Even if the paying spouse voluntarily continues to pay alimony after the other spouse gets remarried, there is no legal obligation to continue paying alimony.

When can a spouse sue for alimony?

Alimony will be awarded only when a former spouse is unable to meet their needs without financial assistance from a spouse who can afford to pay it.

Can new spouse income be considered for alimony?

California law is quite clear that new mate income cannot generally be considered against you in ordering or modifying child or spousal support. The controlling California Family statute is section 4057.5.

Can you get alimony if married for a year?

For example, if your marriage lasted only one year, you can expect to pay or receive alimony for six months; but this obligation may be met through temporary support payments.

How long do you have to be married to get spousal?

En espaƱol | To receive a spouse benefit, you generally must have been married at least one year.