What paperwork do I need to get married in Spain?

What paperwork do I need to get married in Spain?

Necessary Documents: Valid passports; completed application form obtained from the Civil Registry or District Court; "apostillized" birth certificates; Spanish translation of birth certificates made and authenticated by the Spanish Consulate or Embassy nearest your place of residence; "apostillized," certified divorce

Can you be legally married in two different countries?

Yes you can. In order to not be recorded as being married to two different people each living in a different county you simply avoid recording it in your home country. One marriage was recorded and one was not so legally I was only married to one Chinese woman but in fact married with two at the same time.

Can I get married in the Canary Islands?

The legal requirements for marrying in Spain, and therefore in the Canary Islands, vary according to the nationality or place of residence of both parties. Should both parties be of a nationality other than Spanish, Spanish law does not allow a civil wedding.