Where Is polygamy legal in the US?

Where Is polygamy legal in the US?

The Utah state senate voted unanimously on Tuesday to effectively decriminalize polygamy among consenting adults, reducing penalties for a practice with deep religious roots in the predominantly Mormon state.

Why Polygamy is illegal in the US?

Originally Answered: Why is polygamy illegal in the U.S? Several reasons: Very few polygamous marriages are relationships between equals – A man who could marry multiple wives would likely find women who are either mentally or emotionally vulnerable and exploit those vulnerabilities.

How many people practice polygamy in the United States?

5. There Are Roughly 50,000 Polygamists In The U.S. Although trying to get an exact reading is tricky because those who practice polygamy aren't going to put it on their census forms, it is believed that there are about 50,000 people living in polygamy in the United States.