Who can fix a broken nose?

Who can fix a broken nose?

When do you need surgery for a broken nose? Your doctor will do surgery to fix your broken nose if the fracture is severe or has gone untreated for more than 2 weeks. The goal is to put your bones back in their proper place and reshape your nose, if necessary. You'll get pain medication for the procedure.

Can you sue someone if there are no damages?

Such is the case with lawsuits. If you file a lawsuit against your neighbor claiming that you might fall and hurt yourself, you are unlikely to win. You have not incurred any damage and you cannot sue someone for the risk of potential future injury or loss.

What court do I go to sue someone?

Usually you must sue where the opponent resides or carries on business although in consumer contracts the courts where you reside can help. The local Sheriff Court has three forms of process.

How long does it take for someone to sue you?

To better understand how long most civil court cases take to process in the state of California, we turn to the 2017 California Court Statistics Report. According to statewide statistics, the average time for a civil case to process from notice of appeal through to resolution is approximately 500 days (1.5 years).