Who is Gerald Crabb married to now?

Who is Gerald Crabb married to now?

The Gospel Music Association (GMA)'s "songwriter of the year" for four consecutive years, Gerald Crabb has led the Crabb Family, featuring his wife, Kathy, and six of their seven children, to the upper echelon of American gospel music.

What happened to Gerald Crabb?

Two years ago, something happened that changed Crabb's life forever. He had been preaching a revival and became ill. He drove all the way home from the revival and ate supper, then he drove to a hospital in Tupelo, Miss. After drawing blood, the doctor informed him that he had indeed had a heart attack.

Is the Crabb family still together?

The Crabb Family has finished their tour to thank their fans for their unwavering support over the past ten years. Their last tour date as a group was August 1, 2007. After that, Jason Crabb has started his own solo career.