Why was Harry allowed to marry a divorced woman?

Why was Harry allowed to marry a divorced woman?

He was free to remarry as a divorced man, because his first wife, Princess Diana, had died.

Do Ellie and Jake get divorced?

Relationships Don't Last Long on 'NCIS' The show finally had a stable couple, Jake Malloy and Ellie Bishop, but that ended in divorce.

Can a vicar marry a divorcee?

A vicar has become the first Church of England clergyman married to a divorcee to be made a bishop amid strong opposition from traditionalists. The move also allows clergy who are married to divorcees with a partner still alive to be considered for promotion.

What did Jake do to Ellie on NCIS?

What happened to Agent Bishop's husband Jake in NCIS? In season 13, episode 10 Blood Brothers, Jake confesses to Ellie he had been cheating on her with an NSA internal affairs officer, claiming they had grown distant since she left her job.