Is forging a signature on a car title a felony?

Is forging a signature on a car title a felony?

Forgery is typically a felony; but it's not certain that the act in question satisfies the requirements of a forgery statute. Signing another person's name is not necessarily forgery. First, there has to be an intent to injure or defraud, then the document must be "falsely made, completed, or altered".

What does it mean to falsify a document?

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Falsifying Documents. Falsifying documents is the act of intentionally changing or modifying information on a document with the intention of misleading a person or company.

Can you sue if someone forges your signature?

If a party wishes to sue the party whose signature was forged. Forgery is considered fraud in the execution. Fraud in the execution voids the contract so that there is no valid contract.

Is it hard to prove forgery?

Forgery of a will is notoriously hard to prove in court, and is usually combined with an allegation of no knowledge or approval. Generally those cases which are won rely on the testimony of a handwriting expert who has found discrepancies between the signature on the will and the actual signature of the deceased.