What if spouse refuses to sign divorce papers in Tennessee?

What if spouse refuses to sign divorce papers in Tennessee?

If you properly served the divorce petition and your spouse filed an uncontested response, but won't sign off on the final divorce papers, courts in some states may allow the case to proceed as though it's uncontested. You may wait to be assigned a court appearance date.

Can a spouse force you to sign divorce papers?

The fact is that California is a no fault state and you do not need your spouse's signature in order to get a divorce. When you file a divorce petition, you have to serve your spouse with the summons and petition. Your spouse then has 30 days to file a response after being served with a divorce petition.

Do both spouses have to sign for a divorce?

Generally, the spouse who files for divorce is required to sign her own petition or complaint, although some states will allow her attorney to do it for her. In these states, if spouses agree to end the marriage, they can file a joint petition for divorce. They must both sign it.

Can you get a divorce without your spouse’s signature in Georgia?

Now, consensual, or uncontested, divorces may be easier, but they are not required. You have the right to file for divorce in a court that has jurisdiction over your marriage, serve your spouse with the divorce papers, and seek a divorce with or without their permission or participation.

How long does an uncontested divorce take in TN?

60 daysIn Tennessee, an uncontested, no-fault divorce takes a minimum of 60 days from start to finish. For couples with children, the mandatory waiting period for divorce is a minimum of 90 days from the date the spouse files the Petition for Divorce. (Tenn.

How long do you have to be separated to get a divorce in Tennessee?

Tennessee law allows divorce on either fault or no-fault grounds. The no-fault grounds for divorce are: irreconcilable differences, and. living in separate residences, and not cohabiting as spouses, for at least two years (this ground applies only if the couple has no children).