Who is eligible for Parenting Payment Partnered?

Who is eligible for Parenting Payment Partnered?

In general terms, to be eligible for Parenting Payment you must: • have the care of a dependent child(ren) aged under 8 (single parents) or under 6 (partnered parents) • have income and assets under certain amounts • meet residence requirements • meet any Mutual Obligation Requirements that you may be subject to.

Does Centrelink back pay parenting?

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You can't submit a claim for Parenting Payment before the birth of a child. If you're eligible, we'll pay you from the date you submit your claim. We can also backdate your payments if you submit your claim and documents within 4 weeks of either: the date the child came into your primary care.

What is Parenting Payment Partnered Centrelink?

Parenting Payment is a social security payment paid by the Australian Government Department of Human Services, separate from Family Tax Benefit. It is paid to single parents with dependent child(ren) under 8 in their care and partnered parents with dependent child(ren) under 6 in their care.

How much can you earn on Parenting Payment Partnered?

Your partner can earn up to $996 gross income each fortnight before it affects your payment. If your partner gets Austudy or Youth Allowance, the income limit they can earn each fortnight is different. You'll get either of the following: $518.70 if you live with your partner.