What are standard interrogatories?

What are standard interrogatories?

This form should be used to ask the other party in your case to answer certain standard questions in writing. These questions are called interrogatories, and they must relate to your case. If the other party fails to answer the questions, you may ask the judge to order the other party to answer the questions.

Does a plaintiff have to respond to interrogatories?

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The plaintiff must give you responses to the request for interrogatories within 45 days of when you mailed the request. If they do not give you a response you can send a final request to the plaintiff. In the final request tell the plaintiff they have another 30 days to give you answers to your interrogatory requests.

Are Form Interrogatories objection proof?

Their use was usually the first volley in the discovery battle. For years the Courts had found that the Form Interrogatories were objection proof as to form with minor exceptions.

What is unduly burdensome?

Term used to describe a discovery request that is so vague or broad that the court finds the party served with the request cannot reasonably respond.

What does undue burden mean in law?

The undue burden standard is a constitutional test fashioned by the Supreme Court of the United States. In short, the undue burden standard states that a legislature cannot make a particular law that is too burdensome or restrictive of one’s fundamental rights. One use of the standard was in Morgan v.

What is unduly?

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adverb. excessively: unduly worried. in an inappropriate, unjustifiable, or improper manner: unduly critical.